Six tips to maintain your long-distance relationship

You’ve seen so many of your friends develop loving and beautiful long distance relationships. But the fact of the matter is that long distance relationships are hard. Period.

Every relationship requires effort to grow. Since a relationship comprises of separate individuals, each with his or her set of ideals and characteristics, it’s a challenge to understand one another. With long distance relationships, this can be even tougher.

There are far too many barriers for effective communication, such as lack of face-to-face, touch and feel communication.

For your long distance relationship to flourish try the following tips:

  1. Quality time - Make sure to see and hear each other every day. If for some reason you aren’t able to make the date, inform your partner and make up for it the next time. Never hold back. Over-sharing is a good thing.
  2. Trust one another – Try to overcome insecurities that creep in when you feel vulnerable. It’s best to openly address the things that could potentially break your trust.
  3. Keep the romance alive by making sweet gestures and surprising one another with things your partner enjoys. Show up at her door unannounced, take her for a concert, or send her chocolates.
  4. Tell each other about your day – and listen – you don’t get to be a part of each other’s day, so make an effort to find out what has happened.
  5. Show off your partner – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie avoided a divorce simply because he chose to adore her everywhere instead of dwelling on her flaws. It completely changed her as a person and brought them closer.
  6. Focus on building intimacy – When in a long distance relationship, you miss out on emotional, intellectual, and physical intimacy with your partner. You need to make an extra effort to maintain and nurture intimacy.