Should all household chores be shared 50/50?

In completely fairness, this is definitively the way to go. Like Meghan Trainor said "You got that 9 to 5.  But, baby, so do I".  But, some experts say that there is actually a better way to go.  You might think, is there a better way to go than to equally sharing the household chores?

Study Suggests Splitting Chores Keeps Couples Happier

Several studies have suggested that it is positive for a married couple to split household chores 50/50. A 2012 Swedish study found that women were less happy when chores were not split evenly. The key to this happiness is to agree on how to split the work evenly from the get-go.

The University of Illinois took the study a bit further and found that although splitting chores does help contribute to marital bliss, the chances for happiness are greater when both wife and husband agree on how the chores are to be divided. Women who valued equal splitting of household chores were much happier if their husbands shared that same belief.  

Researchers also studied a group of 220 heterosexual newlyweds and found that dividing household tasks affected the wife's marital situation positively but not the husband's.  Study co-author Brian G. Ogolsky said, "Newlyweds need to thoughtfully plan how they can make their expectations about sharing chores work out in real life, especially if the new spouses strongly value gender equality in household labor."

Sharing Household Chores Equally is Hard and Ineffective

At least that is what couples therapist Lori Gottlieb believes. In her book "How to be Married" she says that you cannot expect your marriage to be a 50/50 strict situation as if it were a spreadsheet. She believes that the splitting should be more organic, in such a way that each partner is happy with the part they have to do.