No. Of Americans Drinking At Least 1 Cup of Coffee per Day Highest Since 2012

Americans love coffee. The latest figures show that there are now more Americans drinking at least one cup of coffee daily and the numbers are the highest since 2012 with 64% of adults are drinking a cup of coffee a day in 2018. According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), the reason for the rise in the number of coffee drinkers is due to the availability of bespoke coffee making gear and the increasing gourmet coffee variants in cafes as well as other out-of-home locations.

Gourmet Coffee in High Demand

In a survey by the NCA which attracted close to 3,000 respondents, it was discovered that coffee was the most popular beverage in the US. The survey also showed a decline in the intake of other caffeinated drinks such as juices and soda. The survey revealed 79% of the respondents said they had a cup of coffee at home while 36% consumed the coffee at other locations such as cafes and at work. 

Gourmet coffee has seen increased demand with the millennials leading the pack. According to Michael Edwards, a market consultant, gourmet coffee currently represents more than 50% of the market, and it has seen major players shifting their focus to meet the increasing gourmet coffee demand. The survey also showed that 9% of the respondents ordered a cup of coffee via an app and delivery services. Tea and bottled water have also shown major growth in demand while the cola industry is looking at a grim future with declining demand.