Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Clean?

People love to be clean. They shower every morning, change their bed sheets weekly, and replace their towels once a week as well. They use antibacterial soaps and household products that can kill 99.9 percent of germs.


However, researchers are telling consumers that you can be too clean. Being too clean can result in allergies and asthma.


Not All Microbes Are Bad


Some bacteria can cause diseases. After the discovery of bacteria, cleanliness and sanitation practices helped improve people’s health. However, not all bacteria are bad. There are good bacteria that bring many benefits to the body.


Some microbes living in the human body produce vitamins in the gut, assist in digesting food, and coating the skin to protect against bad microbes. Good microbes found outside the body help decompose organic waste, maintain nitrogen levels in the air, and generate half of the oxygen.


Exposing kids to infections would help develop a good defense against allergies in the future. Allergies occur when the body thinks a harmless substance is a major attack. The body might overreact to good microbes because the immune system doesn’t know how to live with them.


It is important for people to know and understand how microorganisms living in and on the body can be beneficial for humans. Exposure to good bacteria early in life can bring huge benefits to one’s health. Being too clean would make the immune system miss the interaction with good microbes, which can lead to allergies in the future.


You need to learn how to balance the use of soaps, hand sanitizers, and other cleaning products at home to avoid killing the good bacteria around you. You should practice good hygiene but just don’t overdo it.