Is a rural lifestyle healthier than an urban lifestyle?

When you live in the middle of the city, you have access to everything you may want or need. However, you have to contend with noise and pollution. Many people think about going to live outside the city. They say that this is a healthier lifestyle, but what are the advantages of living in a rural area?

  • Grow your own vegetables. This is may be one of the greatest advantages of living in the country. You can have your own garden and you will know that you are eating healthy food with no unwanted chemicals in your diet. Growing your own vegetables is much cheaper than buying organic or processed food.
  • Everything is quiet. When you live in a crowded neighborhood, very often you find yourself stressed by all the noise outside your home. Going to and from work or travelling to a shopping centre can be a real adventure especially if you have to drive in rush hour traffic. When you live in a rural area, chances are you won’t have traffic problems to contend with and you may be able to walk or bike to wherever you need to go.
  • No pollution. Of course, there is pollution everywhere in the air, but you can’t compare the pollution you find in a city to a rural area. There are fewer cars around you and probably less factories. Just clean air and nature.
  • Less stress. If you live in a building with other people, you can be disturbed by the noise. Perhaps your neighbor just decided to build or destroy some walls, or there are workers in front of your window and late night traffic from the club across the street every week. Even if this does not affect you directly, it can make you irritated and it can lead to many problems, such as lack of sleep and being unable to enjoy peace and quiet in your own home.