5 Things You Should Never Include In Your Resume

Writing a resume is one of the most difficult things many people have to do in their lives. A properly written resume could land you the job, but what you do not include is also of much importance. HR professionals recommend that you avoid including these five things in your CV.

Career Objective

According to Wendy Enelow, a co-author of the bestselling book ‘Modernize Your Resume: Get Noticed… Get Hired’ says that the career objective tells the employer what you want from them. In retrospect, it should be about fulfilling the employer’s needs. If you apply for a job that does not align to your career objective, it will limit your chances of getting the job.


This is an age-old tradition, but Scott Vedder, the author of ‘Signs of a Great Resume’ and a Fortune 100 recruiter says that recruiters will ask for your references when they need them.  

Irrelevant Work Experience

Most people want to show that they have working experience, but you should only list the roles where you gained the skills required for the position you want.

Why You Left Your Previous Employer

On a CV, most people feel the need to include why they left their former place of employment. However, a resume ought to sell you to the prospective employer. You can explain the grounds of your leaving a former employer during the interview.

Unprofessional Email Address

Your email address matters a lot if you are to get a job or not. Since you are not the only one seeking to fill the position, recruiters will look for every reason to disqualify as many people as possible. Your gangsta4life@gmail.com or slayinglikeasavage@yahoo.com among others is a sign of unprofessionalism.