5 signs you are not ready to get married.

It is not about what it takes to get married but if you are really prepared for it. Marriage is a lifetime commitment that should not be taken lightly. There are some signs that you can check that will help you decide if you are ready to walk down the aisle.   

You Have Doubts

If you have serious doubts, you should not engage in a commitment that is meant to be for a lifetime.  It is normal to have cold feet and get some jitters.  But if you feel a sinking hole in your chest, then it is time to back up. 

You Have Unresolved Issues

We all have emotional baggage or carry some at some point.  All of these must be unpacked before getting married.  In the case of marriage, one important unresolved issue you should be looking at is your ex, if you have one. 

If you still have feelings for this person or feel nostalgic about those "better days", it is best to reconsider.  Write down a list of things that cause you to have fear.  Talk to your partner about them. Consult a counselor. Solve the issue before dropping the anchor. 

You Are Selfish

If you are not willing to give instead of only take, then marriage is not for you yet. Because giving and taking is what marriage is about. Putting someone through the task of having to cater only to you is pretty selfish and an indication that you are not ready to tend to needs that are not yours. 

You Still Feel the Need to "Sow Your Wild Oats"

If you are not ready to abandon the field and want to keep up the dating game even if you are not married, back off.  Usually, getting married means that you are no longer entitled to play the field.

You are Hiding a Secret

You must come clean now that you are contemplating marriage. Those little white lies can turn into a big deal in the future and be the cause of a divorce.  If you want to keep those little secrets to yourself, then keep yourself to yourself too.