Organic ideas

We spend too much energy! Sadly, we all know this, but only a small number of people are trying to use less energy! If you think that you are one of those people who save energy, let me ask you a question. How much you use your smartphone? The answer is, probably, a lot.

Well, you must recharge battery every day, this means you use more electricity! Remember that you aren’t the only person who does this, almost every person on the planet use smartphone too much! The worse thing is that you use that smartphone for games and surfing the web. If you just reduce your smartphones and computers use, humankind will use much more energy!

Because this is very hard, we must start using renewable energy sources. Sun and wind are the most known. But, what if we start using people for energy production?! I know, is sounds funny, (like the Matrix) but let me explain. You all know how those wind turbines work. The wind is moving a propeller that transforms than energy into electricity (the simplest explanation I found). Well, how many people are going to the gym, and doing the same thing with gym equipment. I mean on stationary bikes. Almost every person who is working out, use them. If we could use that energy, that would be great. In addition, a person who makes this a reality will become rich, so there is one more reason to start working on this project. Because it would be useful and ‘’cool’’, many people will go at gyms with these energy-production stationary bikes! Many of those people will go just because their friends are going, but for us, energy is more important!