Making the Change to Organic

Food can be expensive. Organic food can be higher priced than the traditional option. But you still want to make a positive change in your household. How to accomplish this?

The first thing that you want to do is to go over your usual shopping list. What items can be replaced with the organic option? Are the ingredients in the organic foods the same or different? Is there anything within the organic option that would not be good for a member of your family? Researching your situation and what foods would work best will help you to prepare a new list with the options you want to include.

Next, if you are working on a budget, price out the organic options that you want to buy. Make sure they fit within the realm of your financial situation so that it does not become a burden to you later. This may require an extra trip or an extended trip to the store on your next outing. Know the usual prices you pay for and what your total is. Try to stay within $10 to $15 of this budget. Try to scope out other local grocers on their prices for the organic food you wish to purchase. Some grocers offer lower prices or other incentives for shopping with their store. This may make a sizable impact on your monthly grocery bill.