Why You Should Have Your Own Bank Account Even After Marriage

Most married couples have a hard time dealing with the idea of having separate bank accounts. It's actually necessary. In fact, if there's one thing that you should never forget to give to your spouse, it would be the gift of financial independence.

When I say financial independence, I mean actually not relying on each other when it comes to finances; you have your own money.

After all, it wasn't quite too long ago when you were a kid and you felt embarrassed when you had to ask for money from your parents. Though you did get money, it's still not yours; it came from someone else. That same feeling exists if you are an adult and still do not have your own separate bank account.

Whether or not one of the couple stays at home to take care of the kids or both of you go to work, it's important that you each have your own finances. This way, each one is free to spend whatever they want to spend on, without fear of judgment from the other. Your relationship might be perfect right now, but what's not to say that your spouse won't say anything about you spending $100 for something you've always wanted using your joint account?

Having separate individual bank accounts helps solve a lot of problems. There are horror stories about it, and some have actually divorced because of how they are not able to deal with the "secrecy" of having separate bank accounts. That’s a risk you should be willing to take, especially when it results in happiness for both parties. Remember, your goal in having separate bank accounts is not to divide your household wealth; you still can opt to have a joint account. Rather, the point is to make sure that each spouse never loses his or her financial independence.

It may not seem like much but giving financial independence to your spouse is easily the best gift you can give.