What teens need to know to recognize a controlling boyfriend

Excessive jealousy, controlling behaviors and in worse cases, violence, are all common signs of abusive relationships, especially in teenagers. However, for the abused who are involved in such relationships, which usually are the women, it can be hard to recognize the signs. And when they do, it's usually too late; getting out is either hard or impossible to do alone.

Here are a few signs that teenagers should watch out for to recognize if their relationship with their boyfriend has grown unhealthy.

1.You Become Isolated

It's not uncommon for teens to start isolating themselves during their pubescent years. However, if you notice that you are starting to spend much less time with friends and family than before or even lose them altogether, then watch out. You've either become obsessed with the person you are dating, or you're being controlled, sometimes subtly. 

2.A Drastic Change in Physical Appearance or Attitude

Relationships normally bring personal and sometimes physical growth. That's natural. It's not unusual for couples to try and reinvent themselves, but what is not healthy is when they feel pressured to dress or act a certain way just so to earn their partner's affection.

3.Drama and Excuses

If there's constant fighting between both parties, especially when the other is deeply insecure and attracted to drama, then it's not a good sign. If you've noticed your relationship becoming volatile, or worse yet, you refuse to see signs of turmoil even when everyone's telling you so, then it might be time to rethink your relationship.

As teenagers, you think you know everything. However, you don't. It's easy to fall in love with the opposite gender and feel that they are perfect. Teenage relationships rarely work out.