Today, everything is Allowed

Sadness and depression are the biggest problems of the population, today. But, there are no reasons for them. Only if you know that everything is allowed, you can start using it. Let me explain. If you need money, go outside and find a job. If you like some person, go outside and take her phone number (or Facebook). Everything you want and everything you need is easily accessible, if you want. And, because we already know that you want something, we can say that all you need to do is to go outside and take it.

If you are waiting for something, stop. Nobody won’t give you anything. This means that everything you need, you must do by yourself. If you think that it is a bad thing, because you want someone to give you something, you are wrong. When you do something by yourself, you appreciate that more. You are happier and you enjoy in it much more.

 Life isn’t a PC game, where your options are limited. You are free. This means that you can do anything you want in order to get anything you like. You have a freedom, but it is worthless unless you are happy. So, why you don’t want to be happy. And yes, unhappy people don’t want to be happy. It isn’t their destiny or their punishment. All you need to do is to try, and try again in order to have your personal success. In this case, do not think of ‘’impossible’’ and ‘’hard to do’’ as different things. They are the same, because nothing is impossible, it is just hard to get.