The Ping Anxiety

It’s the age of digital infidelity. It seems that everywhere we go there is always something that someone has to hide on their phones. Our relationships are going strong because we haven’t checked our partner’s phone and also because that would be invasion of privacy. Not to mention, we don’t want our phones to be checked because we may have something to hide. Everybody has someone else that they text secretly and yet they cannot tell their partner about. In this day and age, digital infidelity is what keeps us strong and going.

It’s quite simple to understand really. It’s a basic human emotion to crave appreciation or to be liked. It’s our norms of interaction in society; we tend to socialize with those people that like us, and the ones we like. Soon we find that we like someone quite a lot and we end up marrying them or spending a significant amount of our life with them. But we still crave more. Gone are the days when you can’t tell someone what you feel about them because you were too afraid to say it to their face. Because the courage to go up to someone and tell them that you liked them despite the fact that they were dating someone is no longer needed. You can say that so much easily with a text or a snap and yet there are ways that can never be found. Being on the receiving end of this you feel special or loved. Yet you can’t tell your partner about this fearing that they might leave you. Yet we still keep on doing it.

It’s not a bad thing; it’s one of those concepts that you have to imbibe in a relationship. These days your relationship with a person is of two types, the one where you spend your life living with them, or the other kind where you spend your life with them through a phone.