The Clean and The Mystery

In light of No-shave November knowing which look you can pull off has always been a tough question. Most people say that they are fond of the clean shave look yet somehow the ones with beards manage to grab attention quite easily.

The Clean Shave:

The clean shave is the representative for everything nice. Having a clean shaved look can do wonders for you in the office environment. It shows the company that you care about being neat and presentable and this can easily make you the most liked guy in the office. However there is a downside to this. Clean shaved is the most common look there is. Hence, you are probably not going to stand out in the first meeting.

The Beard:

This man is all about the mystery look. A beard immediately makes you the center of mystery. People start asking about your birthplace, your travels and if you have done something that you are trying to run from. A cool and calm exterior coupled with a suit is all you need to make the ladies sway in your direction. The beard adds to the mystery of entire look. This in turn makes sure that you are never forgotten. It’s easy to stand out with a beard; however it is not really suited to the corporate world. If you decide to go for the beard look, make sure that you have a good beard patter, if your beard pattern is full of patches and crisscross wavy lines it won’t look as good.

It all comes down to what you want to be. The nice friendly guy that everyone likes over a period of time, or the cool and calm mystery man that grabs someone’s attention in the first 10 seconds.