Terrariums are back in style

To help keep terrariums in style, there are even lessons on building a terrarium. Today, terrariums are a decoration piece that everyone wants to have in their home given that they are the trend.  Terrariums enjoyed fame and popularity around 50 years ago.  They were a must-have decor for any house. 

Terrariums are a nice touch in a home these days where being green is the trend. We are all about protecting and preserving our planet. It stands to reason that we bring nature home through gorgeous terrariums. In this way, they serve a double purpose. 

Perhaps the best part of a terrarium is that they are so easy to build. You can use an old jar or fish bowl.  It really does not take much time to make.  One advantage of terrariums is that they allow delicate plants to be grown - plants that need the proper moisture and warmth to grow.  

These plants in terrariums did not really begin as a decoration.  In fact, what motivated the trend around the Victorian era was the fact that people wanted to keep their ferns, primroses, auricula, etc, protected from the urban smoke caused by burning coal in all homes. Then, the idea of placing these plants in a cleaner atmosphere inside the house was born. 

A couple of centuries later, these ornaments are making their way again into the homes of middle-class families. London Terrariums, for example, has seen a significant growth in the production of terrariums.  Emma Sibley, owner of the company explains that “They’ve skyrocketed”.

“Terrariums offer a connection between both gardening and making”, explains Emma, “if you have an office job, it’s nice to get in there with the soil and get your hands dirty. The same phrase keeps cropping up: a need to reconnect with nature”. Among millennials, terrarium workshops have become increasingly popular.