Take Some Precautions To Prevent A Bleeding Nose, But Never Panic If You Do Develop One

A bleeding nose is something so common that almost all of us have experienced it once in a lifetime. For some of us, the problem compounds itself as it occurs quite often and it becomes quite a nuisance.

If you are fond of picking your nose, you are more likely to develop a bleeding nose.  It can also result from a trauma or accidental injury to the nose. They could be because of a blow to the face or there might be an injury of the nose. The condition is also found in case of exposure to a hot and dry atmosphere for a long time. This might even be because you blew your nose a bit vehemently. And if you are addicted to using cocaine, you are more likely to develop a bleeding nose. The problem might be because of the changes in the hormones during pregnancy.

In the normal course, the nasal membrane usually dries out, and unless proper amount of lubrication is provided, it becomes amenable to damage leading to bleeding of the nasal cavity. A bleeding nose is most common in children between two and 10 years of age. In case of adults, it has been found to be incidental in people between 50 and 80 years.

An application of ice to nose and cheeks is found to be helpful. It does bring down the flow of blood. Those who develop a bleeding nose are recommended to lean in an outward position while sitting with the head jutting out bent down.

Avoid blowing your nose for some time following a bleeding nose. Avoid inserting an object into it. Avoid straining yourself like lifting something heavy. Avoid the intake of any hot liquids  like tea or coffee for at least 24 hours following your nose-bleeding session.