Protect Your Children With 4 Rules of Sun Protection

During the summer, we like spending more time outside. But, our children also like spending more time outside. In fact, they like it even more than we. Children have more sensitive skin that adults, so they need better sun protection. The situation is even more serious with babies. Their skin is so sensitive that they require a serious protection. However, all you need to do is to follow these 4 simple rules.
1.    Babies shouldn’t be protected with SPF. This applies to infants younger than 6 months. They require gentle formulas. You can use a product with SPF of 45. They are specially designed for babies. If you are planning splashing in a pool or in the ocean, you must use water-resistant formula. One of them is Coola Baby SPF 50.
2.    Slather your baby 20 minutes before heading out. This time is required so his skin can absorb the sun protection product. Avoid places like the palms and eyes, or your child will cry. Carry a small SPF bottle with you. However, if the UV index is too high, do not go outside. There are many things you can do inside.
3.    Sunglasses for your baby looks nice and they are very effective in protecting his eye. However, clothes aren’t. Ordinary T-shirt offer very little protection. Luckily, there are clothes that can protect your baby.
4.    Skip daily baths. They are moisture-sucking and your infant doesn’t need them. If your baby is sweaty or sandy, dunk her in lukewarm water for two minutes. While the skin is damp, apply Honest Company Face & Body Lotion. It will preserve the barrier function.