Large windows in your living room

Most people prefer large windows rather than the smaller ones. Small windows are good if you don't like too much light, or if you don't have an amazing view, so you simply don't need it. Anyways the reasons are diverse.

Large windows, on the other hand, are the best choice if you love lighted rooms, or when the view is so beautiful, and when there's something nice to see.

The positive thing about them is they create a sense of spaciousness, so you don't need to have a large room because with large windows it will simply seem bigger.

If you have large windows, you will have two options when it comes to decorating. You can either use bright colors ( because the windows let in a lot of natural sunlight, so your room will be really bright ) or you can create contrasts and use darker colors, it's all up to you.

There are people who simply love to feel cozy and safe in their homes, so the best colors for them would be warm colors such as beige, orange, red and brown. It would be even better if you decide to add a fireplace.

What will also make you feel cozy is wood? Wood is always a great choice because when you have it in any room, you don't have to decorate too much, because the wood will already give a nice and warm atmosphere.

The same goes for large windows. They will bring the necessary touch, and your decor will simply stand out.