Introduce an eco-friendly lifestyle to your kid

Raising kids these days is a challenging process; especially when you want to incorporate social responsibility to them. Of course, we want them to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Starting them early is a great move.

Setting reasonable (and practical) rules at home is a big word for you and a threat to your kiddos. This may sound impossible at first, but eventually grows as a habit to your household. We all live by rules. If you start them early at the venue of your own home, rules will become more of a marker of what is right or wrong. Teaching them the value of the things around them introduces the concept of recycling. Why spend more on your stuff when you can re-create them using your existing items. For example, your kid needs a pencil case; instead of purchasing a new one, cultivate his imagination but using your available resources at home. This can be done with your close guidance, as to avoid wasting materials.

Your kids mirror your action. As parents, you should be a good role model to your precious ones. Not just physically but also in all aspects. A simple act of throwing trash to a properly segregated trash bin makes them realize the proper way of waste disposal. Explain to them why garbage is segregated and how necessary it is.
Teach your kids to conserve electricity and water. Conserving on these two essential needs should be taught to kids as early as you can to avoid wasted amount of such. Patience is expected from parents upon inculcating on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Kids may not appreciate it sooner, but they have to learn that saving their resources will save their future lives.