How can a Vitamix improve your health?

You have probably heard about the blenders named Vitamix. The superior quality and output of these blenders have placed them as leaders in the market of professional blenders. So what is so special about Vitamix blenders?  Other than being the ones used by big names such as Starbucks, Booster Juice, Jamba Juice?

Why a Vitamix Blender?

The blades in the Vitamix blender are specially designed to render the bioavailability of the foods blended.  In other words, you can add not only the fruit flesh but the other parts where most of the vitamins and nutrients are found. 

Also, the blades in the blender are powerful enough to rupture fruits and vegetables to a cellular level, allowing you to harness more vitamins and nutrients than if you just chewed them. 

The nutrients are emulsified and more easily absorbed by your body. The nutritional value of the foods used to prepare your smoothies boost your immune system.  

High Quality

If you are serious about getting healthier, a Vitamix blender is a really good investment. Granted, one can cost you five times a really good blender but once you are able to get past the price, you will be able to reap the enormous benefits. 

There are several fruits and vegetables that you would not be able to completely enjoy using a regular blender. There is almost no food you cannot blend with a Vitamix.