Four reasons that going 'cold turkey' is not the best way to change bad habits

‘Cold Turkey’ is what you stop doing suddenly. There is no weaning-off time from a bad habit. Like any addiction, any sudden change has an effect. If you were contemplating going 'cold turkey', it is not the best way to change bad habits. Here are four reasons to reconsider:

The odds are the same as winning a lottery.

The odds are very poor. If you decide to stop a bad habit cold turkey, you could be successful, but the odds are that you won’t succeed. Only 5% of people with addictions actually succeed.

Your mind and body can suffer

The sudden abrupt change can be difficult for your body to adjust. Depending on how addicted you are, you will have carving. Your body will yearn for it. For example, stopping the use of tobacco or a drug can cause you to suffer mentally and physically. If you gently wean yourself off the habit, you will have greater chances of succeeding long-term.

There’s no plan

Bad habits are hard to break but they be broken easily with support, strength, and planning. You can use tools, apps, supportive groups to guide you. Doing it with a plan is more effective in the long run.

It’s not healthy

Quitting cold turkey allows your body to have cravings. It can also change your hormone levels, blood pressure, and other vital functions that have changed since you became addicted. Making more abrupt changes can have dire results.


Whatever your bad habit, the best way forward to is to map out a plan, think about the consequences and get a support system. Unless you’re the 5%, you can use all the support you can get.