Five Signs You are in a Toxic Relationship

There’s no perfect relationship. You know that you are in a good relationship when you feel happy, respected, cared for, secure, and free to be your own self. On the other hand, you are in a toxic relationship when you feel depleted and drained most of the time. Below are five signs to help you recognize a toxic relationship.


1. Can’t Do Anything Right


The other person would always tell you that you are not good enough. Your partner mocks your personality and makes you feel ashamed most of the time. You only feel absolved from your mistakes when you take on the traits of your partner.


2. You Feel Drained


Instead of being happy, you feel drained physically, emotionally, and mentally. You feel that all you do is give but don’t receive anything in return except for negativity.


3. You are Losing Your Own Identity


An indicator of a toxic relationship is not being able to be yourself when you’re with your partner. You always walk on eggshells whenever the other person is around. You need to think twice before speaking, and some topics are off-topic. You try to be the person that your partner wants you to be because you want to receive validation for your partner.   


4.  You are Defensive about the Person All the Time


You protect your partner from everyone. You try your best to paint a positive picture of the person to your family and friends. You don’t blame the person for treating you badly and can’t talk to friends about relationship issues.


5. Betrays Your Trust


You tell your partner about your vulnerabilities, personal truths, and secrets, but the person shares it with someone else. This is a deal breaker, and you should consider getting out of that relationship as soon as possible.


If you experience two signs mentioned above, then you are in a toxic relationship. You should start creating some distance from that person, or tell him/her to stop. If the person makes you feel that it is your fault, then get out of that relationship right away.