Five Problems of Being a Single Parent

No one wants to be a single parent, but there are instances that some individuals can’t avoid. While the situation comes with its own share of fun, it also brings some problems. Whether it is due to separation, divorce, or death, here are five challenges of being a single parent.


1. Loneliness


A single parent has to deal with losing a partner and at the same time raising children. There’s no shoulder to lean on during rough times. Even though there were bad times, you will still have had some good moments with your former partner.


2. Low Self-Confidence


There are instances in which society is judgmental about single parents, especially those who are divorced or separated. Negative friends and family could make it difficult to cope with the situation that leads to low self-esteem and developing self-doubt. 


3. Financial Burden


Both parents often give their share to the monthly budget. Single parents do face financial burdens, specifically during the transition phase. Whether it is a divorce, separation, or death of a partner, a single partner will find it hard to balance the household budget during the first couple of months. In the case of a divorce, both parties might come to an agreement but it will be hard to manage finances because they are running two households with the same finances.


4. Sense of Guilt


Single parents go on a guilt trip after a bitter divorce. They doubt their decisions and wonder if the children will judge them when they grow up. They will also think about the friends they lose after the divorce.


5. Disciplining Children


A single parent with custody of the children may find it hard to instill discipline. Some children will act up to get the attention of their parents. It is important to balance work with quality bonding time with to avoid this problem.