First Women’s Yoga Training Centre Opens in Gaza

There’s a new way for Palestinian women to cope with trauma and stresses linked to living in the Gaza Strip. There are only a couple of recreational facilities in the densely populated area. One of them is the recently opened yoga-training center.


Amal Khayal, head of the women’s activities for Cooperazione Internazionale Sud Sud, spearheaded the project. She also teaches yoga classes in the makeshift gym. The mission of the project was to train at least 30 women to become yoga instructors.


According to Khayal, her organization wants to use physical activities to lessen psychological pressures. Women can come to the training center to find a support group and at the same time learn new activities.


Aside from yoga, the center also teaches women circus tricks. At present, there are 19 training to become yoga instructors and 13 training as circus tricks instructors. More women want to sign up for lessons at the center.


Benefits of Yoga


Yoga brings many benefits to women living in a very stressful environment. Practicing yoga helps in easing anxiety in the body. As soon as the individual starts breathing deeply, it calms the nervous system.


Yoga can also help in developing a deeper relationship with oneself. It fosters self-trust and one becomes healthier in mind and body.


Practicing yoga has a long-term effect on the stress levels of women in Gaza Strip. It can help them reduce their stress levels by lifting their mood, improving self-compassion, and increasing mindfulness. Yoga enables practitioners to become more focused on the present. That’s why it is an effective stress reliever. The best thing about yoga is that it is ideal for everyone. Beginners can easily become experts in no time.