Curves have Won

According to the latest regulation, fashion designers cannot use very skinny fashion models! This decision was brought by the French parliament, in order to promote healthy lifestyle. This regulation forbids to every model that has a lower body weight than recommended to work! If some fashion agencies break this rule, the fine is 74.700 euros! So, they should try to break it! The second regulation is related to famous Photoshop. Every photo that was edited and ‘’improved’’ must have a mark, that tells people it was computer edited.

The main goal of these regulations is to prevent anorexia. Despite these new rules, many girls will continue their lifestyle, so this cannot solve problem with anorexia. But, many young girls look up to famous models, who often have less weight than they should, so young girls are trying to do the same. Many of them avoid eating, or eat only food with low calories. Some even measure their calorie intake. If it is higher than they should have, they vomit! This means those girls cannot have a proper diet. Their body cannot have enough nutrients that are essential for health! These regulations should lower down the number of girls who are doing this.

After those new rules, many famous fashion designers said that they don’t want to obey them, and that they are wrong! On the other side, this is a good thing for models with normal body weight. Many people like to see women with normal body weight. The only reason why fashion designers hire skinny models is because clothes looks more attractive on them! Anyway, it may be that we wouldn’t be able to see skinny fashion models anymore.