Change Is The Essence Of Life, But Do Our Values Need To Be Changed Too?

There are many people in India who are against the public display of affection (PDA) that many youngsters indulge in. Such people are considered to be orthodox. Subscribers are usually the old and elderly. The modern view of the youth in college is entirely different.

PDA is as much a part of Indian culture as is pop music and noodles. There have been organised protests across the country where such acts as kissing in public is have been glorified. These have taken the form of political movements.

The story goes back to a time when a group of enthusiasts from the Bhartiya Janatha Yuva Morcha (BJYM) were instrumental in breaking hell loose in a popular eatery in Calicut. This was attributed to a clip telecast by a news-channel that showed some youngsters embracing each other while in the outlet.
Those in favour of PDA came out openly against the reaction displayed by BJYM activists. A Facebook page was launched that provided the youth in Kerala with a platform to protest against such moral policing by BJYM in Kerala.

Kiss of Love (KOL) activists are believed to be a bunch of misguided and disoriented youth who have no idea of the sanctity of the traditions of India. They are not believed to have any idea of the difference with which women are treated in India. They look up to the West for values and traditions.

Family values and social values in India are entirely different from those harboured by the Western society. The difference should be maintained. Such ideals as PDA only embarrass the elderly and children.

The difference between the values of KOL and the orthodox values harboured by BJYM remain challenged. Many cities and towns across the nation are determined to host functions organised by KOL to bring the matter before the public. It remains for the Diaspora in India to choose between the two values.