Can you live off the grid?

We made our lives perfect. We have a lot of gadgets, appliances and vehicles that makes our life easy. However, all of these aren’t good for the environment. Our devices and appliances use a lot of electricity. Our vehicles make a lot of CO2 and they make a lot of pollution. Simply said, we are destroying our planet. There are many solutions and ways that can help us with protecting our planet. But, the best way to save it is linked to our lifestyle. If we can change it, we can save the planet.

But, we must think radically. We are part of a huge grid, so we all are responsible for the health of our planet. However, the solution is extreme, and not many people can apply it. Living off the grid can stop the destroying of our planet. In this case, we wouldn’t make any pollution, and we will live completely green. For example, we won’t have cars, so we cannot make a pollution. We won’t use electricity as well. After the development, progress and changes, the best lifestyle is in the woods, like we had a thousand years ago. 

But this means a lot of sacrifice. You must know the nature, plants and animals. You must be ready to survive in cruel conditions. A good side is that you can live like this. A bad side is that it is hard. You will do something good for the environment and you will live healthy. But, not many people can live like this. If you can, you should try. Maybe this kind of lifestyle is the perfect for you.