Are more teens smoking today than 10 years ago?

More and more teens do not like the idea of smoking. Studies around the world show smoking rates have decreased over the last decade. There has even been a higher rate of adults deciding to quit smoking this year compared to a decade ago.


Now that there are smoking bans in most countries, public spaces are better off without cigarette smoke. Everyone is aware of the bad effects of smoking and second-hand smoking. The ban on public smoking has helped to decrease the number of smokers who smoked outside their homes.


A decade ago, a non-smoker was in the minority and there wasn’t any place that person could go without being plagued by smoke. You’d go home with your hair and coat smelling of cigarette smoke. Times are changing now and this is not the case at all today. 


A study has shown that children even younger than 16 years old who smoked regularly have cut down now. The figure was 3% since 2007. This was an interesting study done by a UK Cancer Research center. Close to 40% of the respondents started smoking under the age of 16.


In the US, the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey is sent to high school students every year. Every year over 10,000 students answers many questions related to violence, sex, smoking, and drug abuse. This questionnaire gives agencies incredible insights into the behavior of teens.


Teens today are not only smoking less, but they are also using alcohol less. There are fewer cases of teens having sex. Teen pregnancy in the United States has decreased dramatically over the last 10 years. It is thought that sex education throughout the education system is working to discourage teen pregnancies and encourage the use of condoms.