Anti-Aging Pillows – are They Worth a Try?

Beauty sleep is not a myth people – it has been proven to make you shine the next morning, your eyes seem brighter after at least eight hours of sleep, and your walk is less heavy. Therefore, before investing into any kind of device intended to energize you mentally and physically, it is important to establish a sleeping pattern and stick to it. Of course, you can allow yourself a night out once a week, but make sure you do not attempt to try and “make up” for the sleep you've lost.

That is, unlike the term “beauty sleep”, sleeping until noon on Saturdays or Sundays will not help you – it will disrupt your sleep cycle and you will have trouble falling asleep on time on Sunday night. Instead, try to get up at a normal time during the weekend, and treat yourself with a nap in the afternoon. Besides getting enough sleep, there is also another beauty factor you should consider – always, we mean ALWAYS, take off makeup and grime before you go to bed. 

When it comes to devices that could help you fight aging and tiredness, there is one thing worth mentioning – it is the anti-aging pillowcase. Experts say these pillowcases have an immense effect on our skin.

When you sleep on your side, your pillowcase, which is usually made of cotton, is very absorbent and will strip off hair and skin of natural oils. The same goes for expensive beauty creams. Another problem arising from sleeping on your side is that one-half of your face can age prematurely. Approximately 60 percent of people sleep only on one side, and the odds are that one-half of their face will look older than the other over time.

The best anti-aging pillows and pillowcases are usually made of satin, not cotton. They should be shaped around the face and neck. This will enhance the blood flow and you will wake up with a more radiant complexion. You can also opt for pillowcases and pillows enriched with Copper Oxide which acts as a wrinkle hider.  

Photo Attribution: Wikicanadashawn