5 things you should be vacuuming in your house besides the floors

Thanks to the laws of thermodynamics, our houses will only get dirtier if left unattended. Vacuuming becomes a must. There are some parts of your house that are not floors that you should be vacuuming. 


When was the last time you cleaned your drawers thoroughly? A lot of dust may accumulate on those things as years go by. A dusty clothes drawer will pass on this dust to the clean clothes, causing itchiness and allergies. 


Mattresses also need frequent cleaning. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum and go through all the crevices on the bed. This process does not need to be on daily or even weekly bases, but it is wise to do mattress vacuuming at least monthly. 


It is basically the same concept as with mattresses.  You should vacuum your sofas at least once every week.  Just think of all the people who have shared the sofa with you at home.  This type of upholstery picks up all kinds of germs, hairs, pet hair, crumbs etc.

Window Sills

The vacuum cleaner can go to through the tiny spaces or crevices in the windows sills. Plus, using a vacuum helps get rid of allergens that normally would not be removed with a cloth. 

The Broom

It is a good idea to vacuum your broom from time to time. Why? Because a broom can collect particles of dust and other germs and a vacuum cleaner can get rid them.