What is Self-Defense

Violence has become prevalent in various parts of the world. Many individuals have taken resort to violence to sort out issues that are not resolved. Even though peace and non-violence are the best ways to keep violence at bay, self-defense remains the only way to combat violence when it strikes right upon us. It also helps to save ourselves from any possible danger or damage. The technical definition of self-defense includes the counter measure involving the defense towards the well-being of any individual from any possible harm.

Self-defense has been recognized as a right in almost all the nations’ legal system. Even though the minute technicalities differ from one lawsuit to another, the basic concept of self-defense remains the same. The term self-defense generally considers the use of physical force against defending oneself. The physical self-defense can be both armed and unarmed. While the armed section of self-defense uses weapons effectively against the attacker, unarmed self-defense uses various fighting techniques that can be achieved without use of any third-party weapons.

The most important factor in order to achieve the best part of self-defense is the mental strength and will to implement it successfully. Only a resolve of steel would make the whole process of self-defense effective. Face to face, combat is not always the preferred solution to violence when it can be avoided by various means like de-escalation by verbal use of words, personal alarm to notify the nearby people of the imminent danger or harm, etc. Self-defense can also be learned by attending various courses that impart training.