Food Items To Avoid For Hypothyroidism

Underactive thyroid gland can bring down the body metabolism and play havoc with the hormonal balance. Diet and exercise with regular medication are the only ways to deal with hypothyroidism. Here are the foods you should avoid with thyroid issues. 

Soy products
Soy is known to have effects on thyroid, and people with an underactive thyroid should consider avoiding soy and products related to it, including tofu and soy milk. If you love soy, the idea is to reducing intake of these products, although more concrete details on the link between soy and hypothyroidism is yet to be established. 

Broccoli and cabbage
Both these veggies are known to be a part of the list of cruciferous vegetables and can have an impact on the production of thyroid. With an underactive thyroid, it may be a good idea to avoid the vegetables of the same family, including kale, cauliflower and turnips. 

Sugary and fatty foods
With hypothyroidism, the body metabolism falls down by many times, and if you aren’t careful of what you eat, you may end up putting weight. Avoid all kinds of fast and processed foods that are high on calories along with sugary items. For a while, you may want to limit desserts and cookies.
Thyroid can be a reason for a number of different problems and experts advise patients to focus on exercising and dieting in a balanced way. Make sure that you don’t miss your intake of nutrients, with controlled food portions to keep a check on weight.