World’s first fully recyclable paper cup

In the UK more than 2.5 billion cups are thrown away every year. This is equal to five and half times the diameter of earth. Most of the cups are dumped with few being recycled. These wastes weigh more than 25,000 tons. These landfills can fill the entire London’s Royal Albert Hall. The paper cups are made from paper coated with plastic. This has to be done to keep the liquid content from getting absorbed and soaking the paper cup. These plastics are tightly merged with the paper which makes it difficult to separate it from paper. In order to separate it, it has to go through special process. It is not guarantee that all cups can be plastic free after this process. That makes these landfills.

Martin Myerscough who was an entrepreneur and an engineer is founder of cardboard bottle which are now used for milks and wines. He has thought about this landfill crisis and invented an idea to separate plastic from paper easily. He invented a paper cup in which paper and plastic is separated by green thin film liner. These cups can be thrown in to recycling bins. Currently the company is speaking with coffee shops and supermarkets for the test to make it worldwide.

Myerscough has recently said that the landfill crisis has been troubling him for long time. So he has planned to reduce these landfills to make this environment green. He also hopes that his Green Your Cup will be the solution to this landfill crisis. The paper quality of the cup is high and can be recycled and brought back as news papers many times. Stuart Singleton White of the environmental charity Rainbow alliance said that this is a most innovative product for beverage cups.