The best eco-friendly home improvements for under $50

Many of you believe that in order to save energy and to live green, we must pay a lot. That the gadgets and appliances are expensive and they are ‘’hard to get’’. If you want to live green, and save the environment, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. In fact, there are many things you can buy that are very cheap. Here are several eco-friendly home improvements that cost less than $50.
1.    As you can assume, the best improvement are bulbs. The new, LEDs, CFLs and halogen bulbs, can save up to 75% of energy. They are a bit more expensive than conventional bulbs, but they last longer and they use less energy.
2.    If you have a fireplace that is ornamental, you should use a chimney plug. This will prevent the warm air from rising and leaving out your home. This is a simple upgrade. It will cost you $50 and you will need a couple of minutes to install.
3.    Door sweep is the cheapest upgrade. It cost a couple of dollars, but it is very efficient. All you need to do is to attach it to the bottom of your door, and it will prevent the cold air get inside. This is even more important if you have old door.
4.    A programmable thermostat can adjust the temperature when you are not in the house. It will reduce your energy bill up to 10%.
5.    A hot water heater blanket costs $20. It is easy to install. You will need 2 minutes. It will reduce the need for your hot water heater to work more.