Teach your children about Earth Day

Every year on April 22nd, the world celebrates the Earth Day. There are many events and activities that should show to people that this planet is everything we have and we must protect it.Sadly, many people don’t pay attention to this day. Maybe it is too late for them, but you can make sure your children are different, and that they will try to improve and protect the environment. The best way to do this is to teach your child about Earth Day. The sooner you start, the better effect you can get. Every parent can do this. The best part is that this kind of teaching will not be an additional work, it will just become a part of your family.

You should start with reading earth-themed stories to your children. Some of the best are: "Michael Recycle," "The Lorax"," "Earth Day Birthday," and "Earth Day: An Alphabet Book". Besides books, you can download activity guides (they are free) like: "Our Big Home: An Earth Poem" and “10 Things I can Do to Help My World." You can also send your kid to the local library. They have an online system, so your child can read books that are important for the environment, from other countries. Equally important is to provide coloring books. You can get free ones from the environmental agencies. Beside they are good for the education, they are fun.

One of the best ways to achieve your goal is to spend more time outside, with your child. Take him to the nature and explain to him how the nature really works. Try not to be boring, so read online about interesting facts about nature, luckily, there are many of them