Some Simple Ways to Save Earth

Due to increased population and pollution earth has started to become an impure planet. If this continues, then within the next 50 years earth will be hazardous to live on and scientists are already trying to find an alternate place to live. Waters are polluted, no fresh air; less forest area (or no forest) this will be the sight of the future if the steps below are not taken. The steps can be simple, and will be effective when followed by a community.

The first and foremost thing is by going green, this forces a person to use less energy, save the environment, and much more. Going green is the best way to save earth. Use the daylight when the sun shines rather than using electric bulbs. Use solar energy more, like solar panels, solar heaters and more. This will reduce the use of electric energy. Recycle the products like paper, old equipment, and cell phones and by doing so resources are saved.

Turn off the unwanted electronic devices like computer, TV, Music System and lights. Use compact fluorescent light which consumes less energy than the normal light. Use dishwasher when it is full, by doing this several gallons of water can be saved. Wash in cold water because for hot washes the energy required is more. Use public transport more than private to save fuel. Walk to nearby destinations instead of using vehicle. Buy recyclable bottles for drinking because 90% of plastic bottles are non recyclable. Use own recyclable carry bags to avoid plastic carry bags. These steps may seem stupid, but are powerful save earth.