Solar Bucket

Solar panels are affordable and useful. There are many gadgets and other things that use them. The solar panels used just on the houses aren’t something new. In fact, they are old. Besides solar gadgets that can recharge the battery on your phone, computer or power a lamp, you will have an opportunity to heat water. The latest gadget is a bucket. It looks like a regular bucket. But when you look at the bottom, you will see solar panels.

The main idea is to collect energy from the sun, during the day and use it for two things. One is to power the built-in lamp and other is to heat water. Maybe this sounds funny, but this bucket is something that campers and people who like nature must have. As you may know, one of the biggest problems during camping is warm water. Many campers put a bucket of water exposed to the sun, in order to heat it, but it isn’t very effective. With this bucket, the problem is solved.

This bucket looks interesting as well. A nice feature is a built-in lamp. During the night, you can turn it upside down and you will get a nice illumination. The best side is its price. At this moment is unknown, but because none of the expensive materials are used during production, the price will be low. This is great for young people who like spending weekends in the nature. Anyway, it is nice when you see a gadget or a solution that combines several things together. Even better is when all of them are green.