Plastic bags- Shop without them

We need to do anything we can to protect our planet, and sometimes we are not aware of the fact that our environment is very important for us.
For instance if you don’t know how to help our nature, you can start by reducing the use of plastic bags for shopping.
It is not crucial for you, and yet it is very important for our planet. That “change” is not drastic, because you can always replace your plastic bags with the ones that are non-plastic.
Maybe some of you do not see plastic bags as something harmful, but there are some things you don’t know and once you read them you will change your mind completely, we can guarantee you that.

For example one plastic bag can take up to almost 1,000 years to degrade, and approximately almost one million bags are used every single minute.
You think only cigarettes are bad? Well think again, because after cigarettes, plastic bags are the second most common type of ocean refuse.
Some people think that it is more healthy and useful to use plastic bags over reusable ones. Well you are wrong. 

You cannot get germs if you use reusable bags, unless you are actually buying germy foods. In that case you can get them no matter what you use.
One of the best things when it comes to reusable bags is that you can put them into the washing machine in case they become dirty. You cannot do that with plastic bags.
Yes, you can have “problem” if you forget them at home, but you can always keep them in your car (if you have one) or in your purse, and you won’t have problem with them again.