Make your life simpler

Win-win means the same as the symbiosis. It means that both parties involved should progress. For example, humans and animals breathe in oxygen, but they breathe out CO2. Trees and plants use CO2 and produce more oxygen. Sadly, during the history we forget about this. Even now, we just take from the environment and don’t give anything in return. We should change, so, changing your lifestyle will make you a better and happier person. You and I need many things, at least we believe in that. The truth is, we only need food and water!

The simplicity in life is the solution for many problems. You should start with your power consumption. Every person uses many appliances or gadgets that aren’t necessary. Despite this, you are planning to buy more gadgets that you won’t use as well. Reducing the number of tablets and etc. will reduce your power consumption, and this is good for nature!

Recycling is also important. Almost every item has small numbers that tell you is it good for recycling. Many food items can be recycled (you must clean them first). If your town doesn’t offer you a recycling place, team up with your friends or neighbors and take your waste to the nearest recycling place. You can even earn some money for recycled metal and plastic bottles.

You can buy secondhand and give your things to charity. This is noble action. If you like to eat something that involves plastic cups or etc. try to reduce that. Start eating fruits and vegetables. It is healthier and you don’t make any garbage at all. The goal is to live in symbiosis with the nature.