Green Living For New Parents

If you become a parent, this is the happiest time in your life. But many parents like living green and raising a child in this way. If you are one of them, you will have to make certain changes in your lifestyle. In fact, we can say that you will have to make certain upgrades in your life. You must know that living green as a parent, you should bring your baby as close as possible to the nature.
Breastfeeding is important. We all know this. But, we know for benefits like: best nutrients and antibodies from mother’s milk. They will give the best nutrition and protection to a baby. But breastfeeding will also reduce the amount of waste you are making. There is no need for many bottles, packages and etc. Making as little waste as possible is the secret of green living.
Making your own food for your baby is great. You will spend more time at home, with your baby, and you can choose what your child will eat. You should use organic food. It is a much better alternative for babies than conventionally grown food. At the same time, you will make less waste and you will make the amount of food your baby need. You won’t make more nor less.
Cleaning products can be dangerous. In order to protect you and the environment, start using eco-friendly or natural cleaning products. You should know that lemons, vinegar and baking soda are much better alternative than some toxic cleaning products. Also, pay attention on skin products. Our skin can absorb 70% of the products we put on it.