If you like camping, but you don’t like tent, then Ecocapsule is the best solution for you. Basically, Ecocapsule is a small, portable home, but is also eco-friendly. This concept allows you to sleep in a warm bed, have hot water and the ability to cook, anywhere you want. Ecocapsule doesn’t require a power supply or any other communications. Systems that this ‘’tent’’ has include: solar panel, wind generator (750 W), rainwater collection system and filtration. 

Dimensions of Ecocapsule are: 446.8 - 240.7 - 248.7 cm. It is easy to move, even easier than a conventional campers so you can place it anywhere you want. Inside, you can use: bed, kitchen, toilet and sink. Simply said, you will; feel like at home while you are near a lake or on some mountain. Ceiling and floor are decorated with wood, so it looks nice and it gives an impression that this isn’t some cheap way for camping. 

Sadly, you cannot but Ecocapsule, because it isn’t available yet, but soon you will have this opportunity. According to its designers, Ecocapsule will be available on the market in 2016. So, next year you can camp anywhere you want and enjoy a certain amount of luxury. The most interesting part of Ecocapsule is its design. It looks like a huge egg with solar panels on top. If you know that all campers and similar solutions for camper look obsolete, Ecocapsule is an even better choice. The price is unknown, but you shouldn’t expect that it will be low. After all, Ecocapsule has many systems, and all of them are expensive.