Could we use clouds for energy?

Many people are trying to find new renewable sources of energy. Beside already known (sunlight and wind) there is wave power. But, sometimes it seems like we cannot go forward anymore, that all sources are used. Well, maybe we just look but don’t see. The interesting question is, can we use clouds? Yes, they are high in the sky and we need an airplane to touch them, but we can use them. The main goal is to use them for energy and clean water. That kind of water will be available for the parts of the world where people don’t have drinking water, and for those who have. Because clouds could be seen from every corner of the world, we could use their power and water anywhere on the planet.

Air: HES developed a new system that should use clouds for energy and water harvesting. The idea is to launch a weather balloon 3 km high. It will be connected to the cloud harvesting panel. Now comes the interesting part. The role of the panel is to condenses water vapor in regular water and transfer it down. Turbo generator will use it to create energy. Apparently, clouds could provide 800TW of electricity. It is 60 times more than the whole planet needs for one day. At this moment, Air: HES is still running research and raise money, in order to improve this system. Any type of a donation is needed, from $5 to $1.000. Every person can help them to improve this interesting system that may be the solution for two main problems: clean water and clean energy.