Tips for healthy and long life

There are many advices, researchers and discoveries that can make you a healthier person. Also, there are three pillars. They are: nutrition, sleep and exercise. In order to live healthy, you must follow rules for all three pillars. For example, if you exercise every day, but you eat only junk food, and you never eat fruits and vegetables, the effect of exercises is irrelevant. The same situation is with other 2 pillars.

Exercising doesn’t mean that you must go to the gym every day. You can walk, run or do some simple exercises at home. The main goal is to burn calories and provide movement of muscles. When a person doesn’t use a muscle, it becomes weak. Running 3-4 times a week is the easiest and probably the best way of exercise. In this case, more is better, so you should exercise as often as you can. Also, people who sit all day should go to the gym. Many companies are paying for monthly membership at the local gym.
There are so many information about nutrition that you probably know more than I. The two rules are to avoid bad food and eat healthy food. Bad food includes: fast food, junk food, processed meat and products that contain a lot of fat. Good food includes: fruit, vegetables and organic food in general.

The third pillar is sleep. This means that you must have enough of sleep every day. Sleep from 6 to 8 hours. Sleeping less or sleeping more, isn’t good as well. Also, try to get up early in the morning. Morning people are happier, have better motivation and better creativity.