Electronic cigarettes

If you decided to stop smoking, well done. If you seceded, even better, but this is very hard and many people simply cannot stop smoking. Because of that, they found a new vice, electronic cigarettes. They should give you the same feel as regular cigarettes, but shouldn’t be harmful. Between 2011 and 2012 the number of people who use electronic cigarettes doubled! All e-cigarettes work on the same way. You have a heating element, battery and cartridge that contains flavors and nicotine. When you inhale, the end glows and when you exhale you puff out something that looks like smoke.

Regular cigarettes are harmful for your entire body, especially for the lungs and heart. Over time they can increase the chances or be responsible for many diseases. Nicotine in them makes smokers addict, so this is the reason why you ‘’need’’ a cigarette. Even worse is smoke! On the other hand, e-cigarettes don’t burn so there is no smoke. Because of this, they are safer than regular cigarettes. The negative side is that they contain nicotine, so with them you don’t really stop smoking.

If you want to start using an electronic cigarette, you should pay attention to the model and brand! Some, cheaper are known for their carcinogen compounds, so they should be avoided. The same situation is with Chinese e-cigarettes. They are also harmful and you shouldn’t use them, despite they are very cheap and look like the original. The best thing you can do is to stop smoking, but if you can’t, ask for a professional help. There are many courses and books that may help you. Using an electronic cigarette isn’t the best solution, it is just a bit better than regular smoking.